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Hemlock Forest Property Association Road Condition Summary

Maggie Valley Road Conditions 2014-2015
22 Feb 2015

Snow Hazard: Flurries

(see below)

Special statement: Early snow with slick leaves

This information is for planning purposes only. Actual conditions on the ground may be different. HFPOA assumes no responsibility for accuracy.
Station location: 35°30'34.8"N, 83°3'33.9"W, alt: 3350 ft

Current Conditions: Thursday, Feb 26, 2015, 1045, overcast, 30°(rising) calm, barometer 29.58, rising. The storm is over, all roads have been plowed. Soco road is not really good. We will salt Forest around 3 pm today. The less you drive on thte roads the faster it will melt.


Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015, 2218, heavy snow, 26°, calm, occaisional white outs, barometer 29.47, falling. This is supposed to be out of here by morning. We are planning to plow around 9am. We have over 3" right now so the side roads will get plowed.
Wednesday, Feb 18, 2015, 1250, heavy snow, 22°, 15-20 mph gusts, occaisional white outs, barometer 29.53, falling. This is our "less than an inch" snow fall. Radar shows on more way, maybe 2-3 hours. So we will salt Forest within the next few hours. (4pm?)
Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015, 0900, overcast, 24°, calm , barameter 29.41, rising. We received about 1/2 early this morning, (depending on elevation). Our past weather was certianly on the record books. 14° one minute, 40° the next, pouring rain, blizzard, sleet, 35 mph wind, 4° wind chill. The only thing we did not get was thunderstorms. We salted yesterday afternoon which was washed away. Depending on roads conditions, we may salt late this afternoon. Travel only if you must.
Saturday, November 1, 2014, 0700, snow, 29° windy, barameter 28.58, rising. We received about 2" (depending on elevation). The roads were warm but there is accumulation on the leaves. Conditions may be slick. Will salt in pm if temps are freezing.

Snow Fall, 2014-2015 Season
25 Feb 15

Please monitor the NWS site below for more information.

National Weather Service for Maggie Valley

Cataloochee Ski Area, Maggie Valley

WNC Radar

Snow Fall, 2014-2015 Season to date: 7"



  Closed or dangerous
Passable with chains, 4WD only
Proceed with caution
Snow Hazard
Flurries Light snow with no accumulation expected
Light Some accumulation but less than 1"
Some Snow Accumulating snow less than 3"
Significant Accumulating snow 3"-6"
Major Accumulating snow 6 "-12"
Dangerous Accumulating snow 12 "-18"
Critical Accumulating snow 18 "-24"
Catastrophic Accumulating snow greater then 24"

New weather data from Evironmetal Monitoring Inc.

Weather Data from
KNCMAGGI4 (Maggie Valley)
KNCWAYNE15 (Boulder Creek)


Road Condition Estimated Clear Comment
Forest Drive     Service ends at 725 Forest Drive, red above mile .3
Hemlock Loop     City of Maggie
Parker     Not Scheduled
Swick     Call 828-734-4482 to schedule
Yarbrough     City of Maggie
Whipoorwill     Not scheduled

Hemlock Forest snow mitigation policy. This is the policy the Board has been following since 2001. Please be aware that this is a private organization run by unpaid volunteers made up of property owners of the Association. Although our plowing service is paid, circumstance may result in 24-48 hrs before the roads are passable. Plan accordingly. If you must get out at a certain time consider parking at the bottom of the road and walking. We recommend evacuation before the storm if predicted snow will be more than 18". If you can't, be prepared to not leave your house for at least 5 days. You may also be without water and power so plan accordingly. We recommend a minimum of 5 gallons of water per person per day for eating, drinking, bathing and toilet requirements. If your source of heat or cooking depends on electricity and you have no generator your life may be in danger if you stay.

0-1" of snow or predicted snow - Forest Drive is salted by hand
1"-3" of snow or predicted snow - Forest Drive is plowed and salted although it may not be if conditions before and after the storm are favorable for rapid melting. Side roads will not be plowed because they are generally level.
Over 3" of snow - Forest is plowed and salted and all side roads are plowed. When the roads are plowed depends on the amount and length of snow fall. The current plow can not remove more than 6-8" at a time. If it looks like it's going to be a major storm we may need to plow several times. Note: Forest Drive maintenance ends at 725 Forest Drive.


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